11 Women On What To Wear To Increase Productivity While Working From Home

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Via government orders, anyone who is able to is being asked to work from home right now, and for many of us, it is a completely new experience. The temptation to stay in your pyjamas all day is rife, as is the desire to wear slippers non-stop and only actually style your hair for that one daily skype call your colleagues have initiated. 

In moments like this, there is high chance productivity might be waning, so we thought it would be best to consult a few experts and tap into the knowledge of women who have been working from home long before it was government-mandated. Whether they be freelancers, small business owners or working mums, the 11 women below have a wealth of understanding about what it means to be productive in a home environment and unsurprisingly for many of them, it all starts with the way in which they get dressed in the morning. 

From having a specific pair of WFH ballet flats to pulling their looks together with a bold red lip, or even wearing a suit to the home office, here are the ways stylish women stay productive at home. 

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