20 of the Best Candles to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

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Let’s be honest: If there was ever a time for bringing a little extra zen into our households, it’s probably now. When we asked what you wanted to read about at the moment, the answers we heard back again and again revolved around home comforts—simple ways to bring a bit of normality to your routine. (This is in addition to great loungewear, chic WFH outfits and the best at-home beauty tips, of course.) So we put our heads together and thought of the simplest home-comforts team Who What Wear kept coming back to: a great-smelling candle. It’s the little things, right?

When it’s difficult to separate your work and home spaces or switch off your mind when you need to, something like lighting your favourite candle can be one of the easiest ways to change the vibe of a room and get you to that happy place. We all have our little routines—whether it’s surrounding a daily bubble bath or doing an at-home yoga session—and after you’ve switched off your laptop or TV after a long day, lighting a candle goes a long way in accessing that much-needed self-care moment.

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