21 Tops That Will Make Your Leggings Feel Fancy

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Is it just us, or are there a lot of top shots on our Instagram feeds right now? Possibly because the world is making more conference calls than ever, or it could be because the vast majority of us have been wearing leggings on our bottom half for the last week, but tops—pretty ones at that—are all the rage right now. 

We’ve noticed so many of our favourite influencers have been uploading cropped snaps of their excellent top choices to Instagram this week. This, essentially, has re-ignited our love for the classic outfit combination: jeans/joggers/leggings (delete as appropriate) and a nice top

Because sometimes it’s the littlest changes that can have the biggest impact on our mood, we decided to follow suit. And, we can confirm that wearing a fancier top than, say, a basic t-shirt, makes us feel more pulled together and polished—which is no small feat right now. 

If donning a statement top makes you feel that bit brighter, then go for it. Dig out your puffiest sleeves and slinkiest fabrics, and prepare to feel more stylish in a flash. Of course, should you need some inspiration, below, we’ve chronicled the best top-focused looks we’ve seen, as well as an edit of 21 gorgeous feel-good tops to shop now. Enjoy! 

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