Trust Me—These 11 Blushes Look Incredible on Dark Skin

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I spent the majority of my life not wearing blusher because I tried way too many that didn’t work for my darker skin tone. They all either too ashy, too pale, too pearl-like or too mellow. I couldn’t find one to suit me, and it just reminded me of the free makeup that used to come with magazines that only worked for one skin tone.

As the years went by, I thought I’d give it a go, as I was running out of makeup categories to put on my face. Much to my surprise, I was hooked. You can’t beat a blusher for boosting your complexion and making the rest of your makeup look a bit more realistic.

Blush adds some much-needed warmth to foundation, and the right one can work wonders to lift dark skin tones. If you’ve not been successful in your search, here are all the blushers you need to have on your radar.

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